Monday, August 1, 2011

Fairy Cakes: Sweets For Everybody

Fairy cakes are a light and fancy dessert and a pleasure for the eyes as well as for the soul. Whether you bake them at home or buy them from the store these little treats make a delightful way to greet your guests or loved ones.

Fairy Cakes Are Everywhere

These sweet treats are perfect for indulging at home, at parties, even at wedding receptions or family reunions. And lately they have gained huge popularity, becoming the alternative for the traditional party cake. They are easier to serve because they are a one size serving and they don't need slicing or spoons. Thanks to pretty cupcake papers, they do not crumble or get damaged. And, above all, they look as cute as a button, especially when presented on a cake stand or in a decorated cupcake box!

Fairy Cakes Fit Any Event

Decorated the right way, fairy cakes can be a hit at every party or gathering, either casual or formal, intimate or extravagant, simple or classy. Slip them into your child's lunch bag for a sweet treat at school, send them out to your friends as a little surprise or just indulge them yourself at the end of the day. When used at weddings they look spectacular displayed on a decorated cupcake stand where each guest can grab one.

Fairy Cakes Are Fun to Decorate

No matter how old you are, decorating fairy cakes is fun and enjoyable. It is great to do this with your children. You can teach them the first things about baking and they can enjoy being creative in a helpful way. What is great about decorating is that you can choose the icing and toppings you want so they suit any event or season! For Valentine's Day use red icing and sprinkle heart-shaped candies, for Christmas use white, green and red icings, and for Mother's Day - write a thoughtful message! It is a great way to be creative.

They Are Very Popular!

Maybe because they are smaller and people are afraid to gain weight, maybe because they remind us of our childhood, because they are portable and practical or just because they look so incredible tasty, fairy cakes have known a huge raise in popularity and it doesn't seem to go away. Either you bake them at home or buy them from a bakery, fairy cakes are a sure way to brighten your day!

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